Piano Magic
Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet

Released: 23rd July 2012
Label: Second Language Music

'Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet' is the eleventh studio album from Piano Magic, and serves as my introduction to the band. This is a band that have been together since 1996, but to date have passed under my radar. After listening to the album I can safely say that if Piano Magic have slipped under your radar then be prepared to be amazed.

'Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet' is an album that demands your attention, this is not one that you can put on in the background as you go about your daily business. In fact to get the optimum listening pleasure I would recommend listening to this album in a darkened room with headphones on. The album is full of many dark, eerie, atmospheric, ghostly and beautiful sounds that to give it the justice it deserves needs the listener to be focused from start to finish.

'Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet' is an album that whilst being dark and sombre is both beautiful and unique and is one that I feel every record collection should make room for.

Steve Tay

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