Purity Ring

Released: 23rd July 2012
Label: 4AD

The debut album by Montreal duo Purity Ring really is nothing short of stunning. Like fellow 4AD compatriot Grimes they have managed to create something that borrows from so many areas and makes something completely their own, which perfectly showcases the talent of the young crop of Canadian artists currently coming through.

Within the first 30 seconds of album opener 'Crawlersout' I would challenge any one not to be completely captivated. The production throbs with low end bass and skitterish drums, and then Megan James' haunting vocal floats in and the game is changed again. Her beautiful almost naive singing style fits perfectly around the almost hip-hop style production of her counterpart Corrin Roddick. On the surface the album has a perfect sheen but repeated listens reveal it to be something much darker all together but at no point does it become any less engaging.

After only two years together they have managed to create something this fantastic is a testament to their ability and can only lay the foundations of things to come.



Released: 18th June 2012

Funeral Suits
Lily of the Valley

Released: 4th June 2012


Released: 12th March 2012
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