The Ready Stance

Released: 21st May 2012
Damndest Records

Following the announcement last year that REM were calling it a day, many of you may have been left with a big void in your life. Well that void is now about to be filled with the release of ‘Damndest’ the debut album from Cincinnati band The Ready Stance.

‘Damndest’ is an album consisting of 11 tracks that are overflowing with melodies, hooks and rhythms that create anthemic songs each of which provides the perfect soundtrack for a long drive on a summers day.

‘Rancho Cristo’ opens the album with a dark and pounding rhythm, the song continues to build into an infectious chorus that makes you want to sing at the top of your voice. ‘Wrecking Ball’ contains a summery pop melody that gives the song a big fat radio friendly stamp all over it. ‘Long Arm‘ continues to build on the anthemic quality of the album and showcases how great this band are in creating uplifting songs that you want to play as loud as you can. The harmonies in ‘Disgruntled‘ leave you with a warm glow inside.

From this point on the album continues with one anthem after another, ‘Smiley’, ‘Very Necessary’, ‘Marathon’ ‘Real America’ ‘Steamship Moselle’ are all songs that make you feel glad to be alive and makes you realise how lucky we are to be listening to music as good as this. The final two tracks on the album ‘Little Carmel’ and ‘Glow’ give this album the beautiful and perfect ending that it truly deserves. The guitar riff on the 2 minute mark in ‘Little Carmel’ will send you into a state of pure happiness. ‘Glow’ is the ultimate ending for this album, combining acoustics, electrics, drums and harmonies to leave you wondering how you ever survived without The Ready Stance.

As far as debut albums go ‘Damndest’ is sure to be one of the finest and I hope this is the start of great things for The Ready Stance.

Steve Tay

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