Richard Hawley
Standing at the Sky's Edge

Released: 7th May 2012
Label: Mute Records

Richard Hawley returns with his seventh solo album ‘Standing At The Sky’s Edge’. Richard has spent the last decade releasing albums. Those of you that have fallen in love with the melodic sound of Richard over the years may be slightly taken aback by this new album.

‘Standing At The Sky’s Edge’ is not your typical Richard Hawley solo album, this is an album that introduces psychedelic sounds, echoes, reverbs and crashing guitars with the amps turned up high.

Opening track ‘She Brings The Sunlight’ is seven minutes of complete genius. This track has a very hypnotic feel to it and you will instantly be sucked deep into the soul of the album. The title track starts off at a slow pace allowing you to focus on every word that Richard is singing, before ending with great intensity and drama. ‘Time Will Bring You Winter’ further highlights why Richard Hawley is one of this country’s finest singer songwriters, the mix of spacey sounds and captivating vocals combine to create one of the many album highlights. ‘Down In The Woods’ brings the first half of the album to an explosive end, this is a fast angry song that has to be played as loud as possible.

‘Standing At The Sky’s Edge’ is an album of two halves, with the second half going back to the more familiar melancholy sound. ‘Seek It’ is a lovely tender song that shows Richard has not completely given up on his softer side. ‘Don’t Stare At The Sun’ contains a classic timeless melody that only Richard Hawley could create. ‘The Wood Collier’s Grave’ is a spooky, haunting song that you will become fully engrossed in. ‘Leave Your Body Behind You’ sees the volume on the amps being turned back up to create a cosmic psychedelic song. ‘Before’ brings the curtain down on the album and in someway acts as a showcase for everything that has gone before it. ‘Before’ combines melancholy with heavy instrumentation to give this album the ending it truly deserves.

‘Standing At The Sky’s Edge’ is yet another great album from Richard Hawley.

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