Ron Sexsmith
Forever Endeavour

Released: 4th February 2013
Label: Cooking Vinyl

Does it bother you that we live in a world where there are so many incredibly talented singer songwriters that are largely overlooked by the mainstream? Do you lose sleep over the fact that the likes of Ed Sheeran are deemed singer songwriters and sell platinum records? Well, those are thoughts that cause me a great deal of upset, Ron Sexsmith is a name that should be more recognisable than Ed Sheeran, yet sadly that is not the case. Will the release of his amazing thirteenth album ‘Forever Endeavour’ change anything? Probably not, although if there was any justice in this world it would.

Although Ron has never achieved mainstream success, he has always received critical acclaim, Ray Davies and Paul McCartney have declared their love for Ron and, listening to this new album, it is no wonder why. ‘Forever Endeavour’ is a collection of melancholic songs full of reflection, sadness and joy. The songs never pretend to be anything they are not, they are very understated which is part of their charm and appeal. There are so many little touches throughout the album that make it truly special; the strings, french horn and orchestration, at times, will take your breath away.

The album sees Ron pour his reflections of his life into his songs due to a cancer scare which thankfully came to nothing. “If Only Avenue” is a beautiful song “With the luxury of hindsight the past becomes so clear, as I look out on the twilight my days have become years”. ‘Sneak Out The Back Door” continues with the subject of the end of life, “Well I’ve never been good at goodbyes going to sneak out the back door”. Singing about the end of life may seem sad to many, however, Ron does this with such style and grace you will not feel sad.

‘Me Myself and Wine’ has such a Paul McCartney feel to it you would be forgiven for thinking this is a long lost Beatles recording, a great song about listening to music with a glass of your favourite wine. ‘Snake Road’ gives the album a funky feel that will be sure to have you tapping your feet and grinning from ear to ear whilst ‘Nowhere Is’ has to be a contender for love song of the year “Were it not for this love I found, I’d be lost at sea”. ‘Deepens With Time’, ‘The Morning Light’ and ‘Nowhere To Go’ are all gorgeous songs that you will be sure to fall deeply in love with.

I could continue to list all the songs on the album and say how great they are, although I feel that you really need to listen to the album and indulge yourself. If you are already a fan of Ron Sexsmith, you will need no convincing to do exactly that, if you are a first time listener then you are in for a real treat and have a lot of catching up to do.

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