Rupert Stoud
Chasing the Night

Released: 21st May 2012
Label: Xidus Music

‘Chasing The Night’ is the second album from Leeds singer/songwriter Rupert Stroud. The album has been created with a great deal of thought, time and effort. Rupert is clearly a musician who takes pride in the music he creates.

From start to finish this is an album full of intense, captivating sounds that create instant familiarity. Throughout the thirteen tracks on the album Rupert has marked himself as an artist that it is impossible to pigeonhole. The album combines acoustic, rock, indie, folk and blues in such a seamless way. What is clear is his love for the guitar, this album does not introduce any electronic sounds, all the songs here are based on the good old fashioned six string.

There are some great Indie anthems on the album including the opening ’40 days and 40 nights, ‘Hate To Say’ and ‘Waiting For Me To Break’. There is also some great grunge moments on the album, including ‘Take Your Time’ and ‘Heard It All Before’, both of which showcase Rupert’s powerful and passionate vocal delivery.Other highlights include ‘Sunday Night Blues’ and ‘Hangover’ both being tracks that many listeners will instantly relate to. Title Track ‘Chasing The Night’ is a track which showcases Rupert to be a songwriter who writes lyrics from his heart “We both knew from the start, that this wasn’t right”.

‘Chasing The Night’ is an album that you can really dig your teeth into. Rupert Stroud has laid down his claim to be the next great singer/songwriter to emerge from the UK.

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