Sigur Rós

Released:28th May 2012
Label: Parlaphone

With their last album ‘Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust’ Sigur Rós seemed to be going for a more upbeat (sic) feel, with a number of the tracks having an almost summery feel to them. A stark contrast to the grey cold landscapes of Iceland they portrayed with their earlier works.

This album finds them back in similar territory to their breakthrough album Ágætis Byrjun, with large portions of long ambient instrumental passages. In fact Jonsi's distinctive vocal is sparsely used with a few tracks being entirely instrumental, but when it is used it adds that sky scraping grandiose that fans of the band are so accustomed to, especially in the track ‘Varúð’.

People shouldn't be scared off by this lack of vocal as the music is so perfectly arranged, it’s so tender and this is one of the albums great strengths, like the closing instrumental track ‘Fjögur Piano’ which is so perfectly haunting it will make you want to just wrap yourself up in a duvet and shut the world out.

It may not be to the tastes of people more familiar with their more recent output, but for some it will feel like a beautiful return to form and will undoubtedly leave you with goosebumps.


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