Smashing Pumplkins

Released: 18th June 2012
Label: Virgin

Ah, Billy Corgan a man damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, not that he does himself that many favours these days with random internet outbursts for seemingly no apparent reason.

He’s now back with a new Smashing Pumpkins record, well that’s to say he’s back with a new band he’s calling the Smashing Pumpkins as since last album Zeitgeist, final original member Jimmy Chamberlin has also jumped ship leaving Corgan to sail on alone. Not that I’m sure he cares that much, but unfortunately there are many people who do, and that’s their bug to bare because regardless of if this technically is “the Smashing Pumpkins” anymore becomes irrelevant because he’s come out trumps crafting his most concise work since the 90’s.

Kicking off with the rolling drums and building guitar of ‘Quasar’ before erupting into that familiar fuzzy grunge style and giving way to Corgan's nasally vocal which is as perfect as its ever been. There are more tender moments as well, the first of which being the semi acoustic ‘The Celestials’ which has Corgan crooning "I'm gonna love you 101%" and you truly believe it. The epic title track which clocks in at over nine minutes find the new Pumpkins vying with Pink Floyd for grandiose points but ultimately it’s captivating.

Sure this album may be a little pretentious but haven't the pumpkins always been a little bit anyway, and what they've (he's) given us is a bold album that perfectly shows he still has that talent for fantastic songwriting.


Static on the Airwaves

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Released: 24th Apr 2012

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