Tall Ships
Everything Touching

Released: 8th October 2012
Label: Big Scary Monsters and Blood and Biscuits

When it comes to recording a debut album, you have to ensure that it is one that listeners will instantly fall in love with and play on repeat. The album needs depth to keep listeners interested from start to finish. Well that is exactly what Tall Ships have done with this incredible debut album ‘Everything Touching’.

‘Everything Touching’ also goes further than many albums, this is one that defies classification, this is an album that crosses over genres and will appeal equally to fans of indie, dance, pop and rock. ‘Everything Touching’ is full to the brim with grand and beautiful sounds that instantly become embedded deep inside the listener's mind and soul.

As with many of the great debut albums of the past, ‘Everything Touching’ is bookended by two memorable tracks; ‘Gallop’ which comes charging out of the blocks at 100mph and ‘Murmurations’ that brings the album to a dramatic and explosive ending. Other highlights include 'T=0', the combination of crashing guitars and powerful vocals have to be heard by all. 'Phosphorescence’ is an insanely catchy song that will be swirling around inside your head and there will be nothing you can do to stop it. ‘Ode to Ancestors’ is a truly beautiful song that you will never tire of whilst ‘Idolatry’ is an anthemic song that will send shivers down your body.

Tall Ships have, without any doubt, proved themselves to be a band of immense talent and have given us an album that will sit proudly in the collection of music fans across the world.

Steve Tay

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