Thomas Hine
Forgive My Future

Released: 4th January 2013
Label: Thomas Hine

‘Forgive My Future’ is the new album from Colorado artist Thomas Hine, an artist who until now was unknown to myself. After listening to this album I can confidently say Thomas Hine is an artist who I feel incredibly privileged to have listened to and will be following with a great deal of interest from this moment on.

‘Forgive My Future’ is a collection of timeless songs that draw comparisons to Neil Young, Townes Van Zandt and John Martyn. This is one of those magical albums that you can listen to whilst forgetting everything else that may be going on in the world, the album will transport you to a calm and peaceful place from which you may never want to return.

‘Dance For Days’ opens the album in a charming way, with the beautiful sound of the acoustic guitar, xylophone and soft percussion providing the perfect companion to Thomas’ dreamlike vocals. ‘Owen’ is next, a compelling song that will ensure your focus never wanders, ‘I Climbed The Mountain’ will instantly grab hold of you, I guarantee you will enjoy every note that is played and every lyric that is sung, and ‘Old Troubles’ has a sound of days gone by, this is a song that you could imagine being sung by workers in the cotton fields.

Further highlights on the album include ‘Bright Shining Mountains’, the way that Thomas plays the guitar and sings shows that this is an artist who clearly cares about the music that he creates, this is such an understated song showing that, at times, less is clearly more. ‘Tomorrow I Have My Doubts’ is an enchanting song that will have you hanging on every word that is being sung, ‘Ploughman’ features harmonies from the incredibly talented Thomas Jonnsson (I’m Kingfisher) and ‘Should Have Stayed At Home’ is a seven minute epic which passes by in the blink of an eye.

‘Forgive My Future’ is an album that once you have finished listening to you will feel tempted to keep all to yourself, like a piece of hidden treasure. Tempting as that is, that would be a great injustice, this is an album that the entire world needs to hear.

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