My Tiger My Timing

Released: 2nd July 2012
Label: Snakes and Ladders

‘Celeste’ is the debut album from My Tiger My Timing, which has been self released through the bands own Snakes and Ladders label. ‘Celeste’ has DIY values stamped all over it, the band have put forward their own money, time, belief and passion to record an album that will hopefully reach the record collections of many people across the world.

This collection of songs have a very uplifting, nostalgic sound that will brighten up even the darkest and wettest of days.

The album instantly sucks you in with the opener ‘Wasteland’, an incredibly infectious song, whilst ‘Written In Red’ is three and a half minutes of perfect pop music. ‘Gold Rush’ allows Anna’s vocals to take centre stage, showcasing how adept this singer is at delivering thought provoking vocals “You can spend your life just following the Gold Rush”.

‘After School’ gives the album a beautiful spine tingling moment with hushed vocals and charming instrumentation. ‘Endless Summer’ is another example of how to put together a great pop song, seriously this band puts the songs that reach the top of the charts to shame. ‘Your Way’ gives the album the ending it deserves, with the instruments and vocals combining perfectly once again.

My Tiger My Timing have proved with this debut album that they are a band more than worthy of a record deal.

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