Mumps, Etc.

Released: 8th October 2012
Label: City Slang

For anyone who isn't already familiar with Why? they could be the most indie hip hop act in the history of music. This is mainly thanks to main member Yoni Wolf's dead pan vocal delivery and the down trodden nature of his subject matter, mainly his depression.

But this isn't all there is to Why?, Wolf is a master lyricist managing to perfectly combine tongue in cheek humour with the dark and the morose like in the fantastic 'Water Lines' as he raps "Girls used to fawn over my locks to kill/Now the girls are gone and I'm on Minoxidil". It's heart on the sleeve stuff with a distinct pain in his sung vocal parts, but it's the rapping that truly makes the album soar. The vast array of instrumentation on display is staggering and the production draws the best out of each.

It's an offbeat and quirky album but that's it's charm. It's not likely to kickstart any parties with tracks like 'Kevin's Cancer' or 'Strawberries' reframe of "I'm not ok" repeated over and over, but then again there's so much more to this album which makes it ultimately more rewarding than most of its contemporaries.

Grab a free download of title tracks 'Sod in the Seed' below.


Passion Pit

Released: 23rd July 2012

Released: 7th May 2012
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