The XX

Released: 10th September 2012
Label: XL Recordings

When The XX arrived on the scene back in 2009 it was to mass critical success. The debut was a hushed masterpiece no doubt about it, but for me there was something lacking that I could never quite put my finger on. However on this, their long awaited follow up, its all there, everything that made the debut special and much more. 

From the beautifully tender lead of the first single 'Angels', which is so hushed and perfect that it will surely have the masses swooning all over it. The vocal interplay of Romy and Oliver is as strong and moving as it ever was with the two perfectly complimenting one another. As on the first album the silence play equally as bigger part as the music itself but on this album Jamie's production work elsewhere has really served him well adding the right amount of balance between fragility and danceability with tracks like the steel drumming 'Reunion' to the shuffling dub step rhythms of 'Sunset'

It may not necessarily be the hugest of departure in sound but it is a million miles away from the first record and you can really feel how much they've progressed and the album feels all the richer for it. 


Passion Pit

Released: 23rd July 2012
Purity Ring

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An Awesome Wave

Released: 28th May 2012
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