Adam Yauch

1964 - 2012

Some bands in their life time can hope to inspire but a few offspring; to list the influence the Beastie Boys had on music would take all day.

Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys is one of the very first singles I remember buying with my own money (even if technically pocket money) and still to this day is one of my favourite ever songs. For me the initial news that Adam Yauch had cancer was a kick in the face, and learning that he had passed away was a follow up kick in the balls.

To suggest that the beastie boys are over without him would seem pre-emptive, but at the same it’s losing one of a unique three.

He taught himself himself to play bass at seventeen and formed the band that would become the Beastie Boys. They would later go on to be one of the most successful groups of all time, selling 40 million records and being the first hip-hop act to score a billboard number one album.

As an aside to his work with the Beastie Boys he was a huge contributor to charities, including the non-profit organisation he founded the Milarepa Fund. The Milarepa Fund would go on to organise a series of Tibetan freedom concerts in various locations, including San Francisco, which was the biggest american concert since live aid 1985. After 9/11 the fund would organise New Yorkers Against Violence, a concert by the Beasties with profits going to the people least likely to receive help from the other sources.

Under the pseudonym Nathaniel Hornblower, he directed a number of the best Beastie Boys videos including, ‘Intergalactic’, ‘Body moving’ and ‘So Watcha Want’ to name but a few. Last year he directed a large number of A-list celebrities (including Will Farrell and Jack Black) as Beasties past and future in the video short ‘Fight For Your Right Revisited’.

He also had his own film company called Oscilloscope Laboratories which has released a number of acclaimed titles.

The idea that the Beastie Boys could be no more is immensely depressing since they have been there my entire life.

Forty seven is a young age to succumb to such an evil condition and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying our love goes out to all of Adam's family, extended family, the other Beasties and anyone who's ever lost a great person. RIP.


Record Store Day 2012

Written by: AMP Magazine

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