Adele chats to AMP as the band release their debut EP ‘Phantoms’.

Firstly we have been listening to your Phantoms E.P at AMP, we love the way your music has a haunting and mystical feel to it, yet at the same time makes you feel warm and safe. Would you say that was a fair account of your music?

I would say so yes, I want the listener to hear the eeriness and the beauty in the songs yet feel a sense of safety, nostalgia and warmth upon listening. You don't want to alienate the listener by sounding too 'haunting' or 'scary', it's a fine line, but we seem to have managed to create a nice balance.

How do you approach songwriting?

I usually have a melody or a guitar riff to start of with then I'll build upon that. I find that writing music is very much like researching, I usually get inspired by film, books or everyday life and that sparks off a creative spell where I'll lock myself in my room for hours, trying to create a small universe and a life for this one song.

Who would you say has been your main musical influence?

I'd probably say Kate Bush, she's very inspiring in the way that she's a woman who works very hard for what she wants and she won't take any crap from anyone! She does it the way she wants with the vision that she has and her music is just beautiful. I've been listening to her since I was in the womb!

We understand that the Band formed from you putting out adverts. What was that like and how long did it take to find the 'finished' line up?

It was a relatively quick and easy process, in the advert I stated exactly what I was looking for and I was lucky enough to find such great musicians within a matter of a week or two. This is why the internet is such a brilliant thing, you can get a whole band together, distribute all of your work and set up a business from the comfort of your own home.

Was being in a band something that you always wanted from life?

It was, in a way I always knew that I was going to a musician but it was just a matter of when it would happen rather than if. I remember the exact day when I had a sudden realisation that I just had to do it, it was my 21st birthday and it was dawning on me that life was just passing me by, I knew that if I'd just work hard I get there. I'm 23 now and hopefully on my way!

Liverpool has always been the home of music. We have noticed lately that there is a lot of new and exiting talent coming through Liverpool again. What are your thoughts on the current Liverpool music scene?

The Liverpool music scene will always get compared to the likes of The Beatles and The La's because that's what Liverpool's music and history has been built upon for many years ... However, the good thing at the moment is that there seems to be a lot of new and fresh talent bring their own sounds to the table. It's a good thing and is helping the city break out from stereotype, hopefully we can be one of the bands to contribute to that!

What are your thoughts on the British music scene in general?

We've had some amazing artists over the years that have influenced todays music scene ... The likes of Pink Floyd, Nick Drake and Roy Harper. But all of this X-Factor crap is turning the art of music in to a joke, it brings kids up on terrible music and drives them away from creativity completely.

If you had to recommend one album to someone that would change their lives, what would that album be?

I would recommend Interpol - Turn On The Bright Lights. It reminds me of a lovely time in my life when I was falling in love and having crazy nights out! It's a very beautiful and dark album and I feel very nostalgic when I listen back to it now.

What do you see as the short term and long term future of the band?

Short term I just want people love our new E.P 'Phantoms' and spread the word about us. Long term I have very big dreams for this band, I want us to have a long career with many albums ahead of us and to be constantly improving. To be respected as an artist in the future would be amazing.

Thanks for talking to us and good luck with everything.

Thanks a lot.

Steve Tay

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