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The Who, The Kinks, The Jam, The Small Faces, Oasis, The Libertines. These are guitar bands that have all had a huge effect on the music world, and most importantly on the lives of music fans throughout the world. These are all bands who have stood out from the crowd and inspired generations of people to get up of the sofas and do something with their lives. Now there is a new band waiting in the wings ready to be unleashed on the world and to be added to the great bands mentioned above.

The Boy Royals have been on our radar here at AMP for quite some time, under their former name of Town, and the release of their singles ‘Teenage Sky’ and ‘Eighteen’. Both singles are full on excitement and energy, both laying down the markers for a band destined for greatness.

Popular music is in need of a revival in guitar music and ‘The Boy Royals’ have what it takes to lead the way.

We have had the pleasure to see this band on numerous occasions including Le Pub in Newport, as part of the SWN festival in Cardiff, and on the opening night of New Wave in Clwb Ifor Bach. On each occasion the band have put in stella performances. Quite brilliant musicianship and Alex is a natural born frontman who commands the stage.

The band will be releasing their latest single 'People Like Us' on August 13th and to celebrate they will be playing Clwb Ifor Bach on the 17th with support from Dirty Goods. Grab a ticket here and check out the video for the new single below.


We caught up with Jamie for a chat about the name change and all things music.

Let’s start with the name change. It can’t be something that you took lightly after spending the best part of four years building up your ‘brand’ so to speak. What’s the story there?

We had been thinking about it for a little while and decided that if we were going to do it, then it had to be now. I don't think it feels as much of a big deal to us as some people might think. Because we know that we're still the same band, with the same sound and belief, just under a different title.

How did you come together to form the band?

Myself and Alex were in school together from about 8 years old, so we've always been in bands together. We then started looking for a drummer and we heard about Luke, so we saw him playing in another band and quickly snatched him from them as quick as possible. We were writing for a while and decided we needed to get a second guitarist to thicken our sound. Despite originally being a drummer, Hamish ticked all the boxes and then it all came together.

Was there a defining moment in your life when you thought “that’s it, I’m gonna be a rock star!”

Since my young teens, when I really started getting into guitar music and learning to play guitar you begin to get those aspirations. Anyone that has learned to play an instrument and says they've never dreamed of being a 'rock star' is lying!

What has been the creative driving force behind the band?

The fact that we all believe in this band so strongly. I think this shows in everything we do, as we take it seriously and don't believe in doing things half heartedly. We're all on the same wavelength with everything so it makes things a lot easier.

There is quite a mod sound to the band and you all dress very well. Would you call yourselves a mod band?

I wouldn't pigeon hole us in to any real category as such. It obviously shines through that we have a strong influence from bands like The Jam and The Who; so naturally it shows in our songs. The style comes hand in hand with the music.

What has been the highlight of the bands career so far?

There's been a few really. It was a great feeling to sell out Clwb Ifor Bach for both our single and EP launch shows, as well as having people turned away on the door when we played there as part of SWN festival. But then to hear Teenage Sky on daytime Radio 1 was also great.

Newport obviously has a rich musical heritage, what are you thoughts on the current Newport music scene, and how does this compare with other cities that you have played in?

As a live scene it's obviously suffered with the loss of TJ's. A lot of local bands are missing out on the chance of supporting bigger bands that would have played in the city. Le Pub is still doing its bit and 6 Feet Under is starting to get more gigs also, but it'll always miss the heritage and legacy that TJ's brought with it. When comparing it to other cities, personally I love going up to Scotland to play and Glasgow in particular. They're really passionate about music up there and are some of the friendliest people you'll meet!

Have you been to any good gigs lately? Anyone we should be keeping an eye on?

I went to see Arctic Monkeys and The Vaccines a few months back, mainly to see The Vaccines; but Arctic Monkeys proved why they keep winning the 'Best Live Band' awards. They totally owned the stage. As far as keeping an eye out for bands, Broken Vinyl Club are one of the best local bands I've seen in a long time!

If I was your 14yr old nephew (bare with me), which one album would you send me home with to begin my musical journey?

Generation Terrorists by the Manics would be a great way to start off. It's one of those albums that almost everyone from Wales, in our generation and the generation before us knows and loves. It has everything you would want an album to have. From the lyrics, melodies and musicianship to the 'doing it our way' attitude that the Manics have always had.

What does the future hold for The Boy Royals, both short term and long term?

We're going to be releasing a new single soon, so keep an eye out for that. We'll then follow this up with an EP and generally getting the new name spread amongst the masses. Where we go from there, only time will tell.

Thanks for talking to us and good luck with everything.

Steve Tay

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The Boy Royals

Undertone, Cardiff
17th April 2012
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