The Broken Vinyl Club

Scott chats to AMP as the band prepare to release their debut album.

It is extremely refreshing to hear a band that have combined the classic and timeless sound of the 60’s with the Britpop era of the 90’s and in so doing creating music which we hope will re-start an emergence in guitar music in this country. Would you say that is a fair account of your music?

Yeah that seems fair. When we first started the band and I wrote the first couple of songs our 60’s influences obviously shone through but it wasn’t until we played our tracks to friends that they picked up on influences like The Stone Roses and Oasis which played a massive influence on me growing up.

Apart from the obvious influences, who did you look up to that made you think ‘ I want to do that, I want to be in a band’?

Oasis were the first band to make me want to be in a band and write good song and wear good clothes. The Beatles and The Stone Roses also made me want to be a band with my mates and have a laugh. A musical gang always appealed to me

How did you come together as a band?

Meirion and I (Scott) had been in bands together since I was 17 and Meirion was 11 when he used to play a set of paint pots instead of a drum kit. Meirion and I first started having drunken recording nights in Meirion’s studio and wanted to get more musicians on tracks and I think we also started missing playing live gigs in a band. We knew Justin from our town as a bit of a guitar hero and we had all been in a band called Magic Dog. So we began to get Justin down the studio to help us with tracks. We then needed a bass player and I knew of Jamie from the Cardiff music scene as he was in a band called Black Hand Laser Band before I joined them. We then got Jamie down to Meirion’s studio for a jam and The Broken Vinyl Club was born.

Another thing we have noticed about your band is that image seems to be high on the agenda. If I was to say that music and fashion should always go hand in hand, would you agree with that?

Definitely. The best bands always look cool. Music is always number 1 but clothes are definitely number 2. It’s quite a subconscious thing with our band as we never really discuss clothes or image too much but think we look like a band, it’s quite organic. It’s not good when you see bands try too hard to find an image.

You have gained a couple of influential fans along the way, especially in Alan McGee and Liam Gallagher. How did it make you feel when Alan and Liam made such positive comments about your band?

I was made up! We all were! To gain Liam’s blessing is a great honour, as he doesn’t give too many bands compliments. Alan has been great as well his advice is like gold as he has discovered some of the most influential bands in my life so it’s great when someone like that is prepared to impart some of his wisdom.

Beady Eye or Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds?

Both. Loving Beady Eye’s sound and they look cool as and Noel has got great songs, a great voice and they are both really funny guys.

We at AMP feel there is a much-needed revival in guitar music in this country at the moment and we’re waiting for a band to step up and define the next generation. What are your thoughts on the current music scene in this country and could you be the band to fill this void?

I think there’s some great bands bubbling through and hopefully there will be a wave of great guitar bands making proper music because we’re definitely overdue a new scene. If there is a new scene of guitar based bands we should definitely be part of it.

We believe you have got the sound and the image to stand out from the crowd and to go all the way. What are your future hopes for the band, both short term and long term?

To see the world with our music, make more records and play with some influential bands.

With the album out now on the Acid Jazz on October 24th what is next for the band? Is there a tour booked, where can fans find out more?

We are playing Cardiff Swn festival on the 22nd October as an Album launch and we’re also arranging a German tour for Febuary. Also going to be sorting out a British tour very soon. We will definitely be playing a town near you wherever you are. Also, the next single is out in February.

Thanks guys, and good luck with everything!


Steve Tay

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