Little Vegas Lies

We catch with the band as they prepare to release their Domino EP.

On your website you state that you formed in 2010 due to a frustration at the music scene at the time. What was it in particular that was frustrating you, and made you think that you could do better?

“We were frustrated at not hearing the music we like on the radio. We’re not saying all music is shite, which is a clichéd thing for a Brit rock band to say, but we just felt the charts and radio was dominated by urban, RnB, pop, and the few indie rock bands scraping the top 40 were lacklustre. We also know that there are some great bands just bubbling away under the surface, and with just a slight change in the public musical conscience, someone could kickstart a return to the British rock sound that we as a band, love” (Steve)
“It seems to be part of the radio key demographic these days that you have to wear really tight pants. That's frustration, getting into pants that look shit. We're bringing a better look of trouser to the scene.” (Lee)

Almost Two years on from you forming the band, do you feel that anything has changed with the current music scene?

“Yes, the internet has changed everything. Although its easier to get yourselves on a platform where people can hear your music, its actually very hard to publicise yourself enough to stand out from the crowd, its hard to find the good stuff. Also when we first started out, it was still the tail end of the Arctic Monkeys wannabes, they’re still here, but there are a few bands coming through that have that familiar Brit rock sound, but sounding fresh, which is what is needed. Also, the current trend is still RnB, dance and urban, this has got to eventually fade, and the wheel will come round again for British Guitar bands to rule the airwaves.” (Steve)

When you were growing up who did you look up to and inspired you to be in a band?

“The obvious answer is Oasis. They not only put out big fucking tunes but also made being in a band look exciting again. I can't remember The Smiths doing that” (Lee)
“Mainly Linkin Park they got me into music and recently BFMV have taken the reigns” (Craig) (its probably at this point we should point out that Craig brings the heavier side to LVL!)
“To me personally Oasis inspired me, from getting into one band leads you into their influences such as Beatles, Stones, and the Manchester music scene etc” (Andy)
“Noel Gallagher, The Beatles” (Simmy)
“The Manic Street Preachers, I saw them playing Design for Life at the Brit Awards, and was just in awe at the huge, epic sound they created, I’ve since got every album they ever created and really admire how James Dean Bradfield can play lead, and sing at the same time. He is such an under rated guitar player.” (Steve)

You have had to put a lot of hard work in as a band, self-funding your own material, and trying to get attention. How difficult is it for bands like yourselves who write great music, yet fight a constant struggle to get your music across to the masses?

“Nowadays, bands need to have the full package BEFORE they get signed, and this presents a lot of financial difficulties. There are some great young bands who just can’t afford to record their music, never mind pay a booking agent, a manager, press agent, video fees, CD fees, iTunes fees, artwork fees etc etc. So what I think we are seeing is more bands in the middle class coming through, simply because they can afford to. It’s not to say people in the middle class aren’t capable of creating great music, it’s just the gritty, rough around the edges band with some attitude and a voice are simply not being heard amongst the noise of the Internet and this is sadly missing. Luckily, we all have jobs and have been able to get by so far, but it’s increasingly obvious, there is a whole different level just beyond our reach, financially, to get where we want to be without being signed”. (Steve)
“Think it’s nearly impossible to motivate folk to get off there arse and their sofas and go out to watch good live music, instead of putting up with drivel that Cowell and those clowns serve up. Its an attack on the senses” (Simmy)
“I don't think it's hard to get your music out the masses at all, it's easier than it's ever been, I just think people aren't interested in longevity anymore, a lot of people get into whatever’s trending at the time and see genres of music as a fad” (Andy)
“It can be difficult as no one is really interested in going to watch live music anymore when they can go online and watch it from the comfort of their own sofa, but we make it priority to get the word out we are playing whenever and make sure we make it a memorable show as well as keeping in touch with fans via Facebook Twitter etc. just to keep it a bit more personal” (Craig)

It has been sometime since British music really stood up and made a statement. We have been saying at AMP for sometime that British music is in need of a revival. There are bands out there such as Broken Vinyl Club who are flying the flag for British music; do you feel Little Vegas Lies can be part of a much-needed revival in the British music scene?

“Ultimately that is one of our goals, Broken Vinyl Club are one of a number of bands just creeping through, but we need more to kick start a revival. We don’t want to re-hash either, we want to sound fresh and have our own sound. There are a number of bands, even in Leeds that are good enough to break through, and it feels like a movement could happen. We think there is definitely an audience out there for a new wave of British indie rock; Noel Gallagher and the recent Stone Roses announcements have shown that there is huge market for it. We have the potential to be THE quintessential British guitar band,” (Steve).
“Hell yeah, we are the revival!” (Craig)

What is the current music scene like in West Yorkshire?

“Leeds is pretty much the hub of the music scene in West Yorkshire, there has been a drop off in gig attendances in the last year, though there are signs it could be on its way back up. There are possibly too many venues and not enough people going to gigs at the moment. Though there are some great venues still pulling folk in, The Brudenell, The Library and The Cockpit etc. The styles of music varies wildly in the city, and no one scene is the dominant one.” (Steve)
“Not great for me, the only saving graces at the moment are us Commonside and Fiction section” (Craig)
“I think the music scene in Yorkshire is not really buzzing, it's hard work to get people to gigs, and there's a lot of tin pot so called music venues around” (Andy)

What was the first gig you went to?

“I think mine was V98” (Andy)
“Knebworth 96, had to wipe my arse on a Tampax wrapper in the porta-loos, can't say I was happy with that but the gig blew me away” (Simon)
“I went to see REM at the Huddersfield Town stadium. It was the Monster album tour. I was blown away! I had seen stadium gigs on TV, but you never really grasp the enormity of them. Oasis were meant to be support. They cancelled and The Beautiful South played in their place. The only shit part of the day!” (Lee)
“Nickelback November 2nd when I was 16, was awesome, loads of pyrotechnics that made it a great show” (Craig)

If you had to recommend one album to someone that would change his or her life, what would that album be?

“Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory, changed my out look on music in half hour” (Craig)
“No answer for 8 cause we haven't released it yet” (Simon)
“Don't know of it's allowed but it's a ‘Best of’ Joni Mitchell, Hits. Just a gorgeous collection of songs. I'm a sucker for melody, and this has got it in abundance” (Lee)
“The Verve- Urban Hymns. Its such a classic album, musically and lyrically, it really got me into music, I was late into Britpop and was never into Oasis at the time, I’d always liked darker music in general, and this ticked all the boxes. Just lie down, close your eyes and press play, really takes you somewhere else.” (Steve)
“I would say the Beatles red album 1962-1966, when I first heard that, it was just full of great catchy pop songs, when I was about 16 and getting into music all I knew of was 2 Unlimited and Yazz and the plastic populations, and when I heard this it was like a revelation, it made me happy and made me discover more music from the past.” (Andy)

What do are the future plans for Little Vegas Lies?

“World domination!” (Craig)
“Keep working hard, turning out cracking songs and get to where we deserve to be” (Simmy)
“To build a solid fan base, get signed, play big festivals, and write an amazing first album, then take it from there.” (Steve)

Steve Tay

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