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Every month AMP will continue to pay our dues to the independent record labels. Labels that believe in real music, labels that give artists creative control, labels that are run by people who live and breath music. This month our attention goes to Moshi Moshi, an independent record label based in London.

Moshi Moshi have been putting great records out since 1998 and are a firmly established and respected independent label. It is a well known fact that we are living in a time which is difficult for record labels meaning they have to be creative in how they put records out and move with the digital age. Moshi Moshi are certainly a label that have moved with the times and have some interesting ways of releasing records. The label offers a subscription for music fans whereby for an annual fee of £30 you can receive every release from Moshi Moshi and Moshi Moshi singles club for the entire year. The label also continues to release in CD and Vinyl format, and also offer free downloads for those that sign up for the newsletter.

Over the years the label have released records from the like of Hot Chip, The Rakes, Bloc Party, Friendly Fires, Lykke Li, Florence and The Machine, and Yeti to name but a few. An incredible roster I’m sure you will agree.

Below are a few Moshi Moshi artists held in high regard here at AMP HQ.

Slow Club
A duo from Sheffield who create such a beautiful sound. Recently released the single ‘The Dog’ a song full of soaring vocals and wonderful harmonies.

The Wave Pictures
A three piece from Loughborough who are one day going to become a household name. This is a band that create great indie guitar pop songs that will instantly appeal to fans of Suede and Pulp. With new album ‘Long Black Cars’ released on 1st April, summer 2012 could be the summer of The Wave Pictures.

Tom Williams and the Boat
Due to release new single ‘Teenage Blood’, a track which has fun stamped all over it. This is a country rock track that is sure to set Tom Williams and The Boat on the road to success that they truly deserve.

The above mentioned artists are a minute selection of the great music that Moshi Moshi is putting out there. This is a label of music lovers and we hope they will continue doing what they are doing for a long time to come.

Steve Tay

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