They're back!

With summer now on our doorstep and festival season starting, it is time to get excited about the return of Pulp. Ok, who am I kidding? I have been excited and counting down the days to summer 2011 since the news was announced at the end of last year that Pulp were getting back together for summer dates; eagerly anticipating a summer of dancing around a field to hits including Common People, Do You Remember The First Time, Ms Shapes, Disco 2000, Babies, Pink Glove, Joyriders and Sorted for E’s and Whizz. Pulp made this writer very happy when they announced in November 2010 that they were reuniting with the Common People line up. The reunion was prompted by the death of a mutual friend and realising that opportunities should be taken while they are still possible.

If like me you are old enough to remember the first time, you will know the importance that Pulp have had in music and how their songs became part of the fabric of society. Pulp are one of those bands who should serve as an inspiration to any young bands out there, that no matter how hard things get you should never give up. Pulp formed in 1978 and did not get any form of commercial success until 1992. Although they came close to calling it a day, Pulp thankfully never gave up. When Common People was released in 1995 it reached number 2 in the charts, became the defining moment in Britpop and led to that performance on Top of The Pops. Back in the 80’s the thought of Pulp being on Top of The Pops would have been beyond any ones wildest dreams. The album Common People has to be one of the best of its generation, spending 64 weeks in the album charts. Their performance at Glastonbury in 1995 was another defining moment; stepping in as replacements for the Stone Roses due to John Squire’s bike accident. This Glastonbury performance has been cited to many as being one of the highlights in the festivals 40 year history. By the end of the set, the crowd were at the mercy of Jarvis. This performance is all over Youtube, go and have a look and it will send shivers down your spine.

There are some that say that with something so special, is it a danger to bring it back in to the public eye, running the risk of tainting memories. In recent years Blur, Suede and The Verve have all made comebacks. Both Blur and The Verve at Glastonbury were very special, emotional and overwhelming moments that made you glad to have these bands back on the stage. With this Pulp reunion, I am sure the memories will not be tainted, it will be a success and will go on to create new memories for people and may introduce a new generation to life changing songs. Whether there will be more to this reunion than a string of summer festivals, it’s too early to say. I for one do not think we should spend too much time pondering on whether Pulp will write new materia. We should just allow ourselves once again to be mesmerised by the stage presence of Jarvis, be taken away to a magical place by the songs, remembering how much we have missed Pulp and be grateful they are back on stage together again.

Steve Tay

Upside Down
Creation Records

Written by: Steve Tay

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