Record Store Day

Saturday 21st April 2012

Record Store Day is once again fast approaching. This is the time of year when the old traditionalists of the music fraternity come out to celebrate the art of music and the wonderful world of physical media.

The event began in the USA back in 2007, when over 700 independent stores got together to celebrate their unique culture. The UK followed suit in 2009.

On a personal note a record store has always held significance in my heart. My first introduction was Apple Stump Records in Cwmbran. This was where I spent my spare time, browsing the racks, chatting, learning, reserving and preordering. All of my school friends put Apple Stump as their first choice when choosing their fifth form work placements. Sadly I ended up in a sports shop.

With each new city I’ve ventured to throughout my life, my initial priority was always to find the local record store. I've been to some great ones in Oxford, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester though sadly some of these store no longer exist. Including my old friends Apple Stump.

With music so accessible through online means, I guess this decline is hardly surprising, though it is encouraging to see a resurgence in vinyl sales over the past few years. This by no means secures the future of what fewer independent record stores are left and is why Record Store Day feels so important. It’s a chance to celebrate these places as the havens of indie spirit they are. Many stores will putting on live bands, DJ’s, quizzes and competitions. That’s not to mention the special vinyl, CD releases and various promotional products made exclusively for the day. There's a real sense of community and love for what is being done

As with all things that gain popularity though there comes the down side with unscrupulous touts turning up to nab all the best releases to flog on sites like eBay which is unfortunate for the true fanatics. Just get down there early to avoid disappointment.

For more information on Record Store Day, including details of your closest independent record store plus full listings of exclusive Record Store Day products and events, head over to the Record Store Day website here.

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Adam Yauch
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Written by: Phill

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