Save Womanby St.
A campaign to save Womanby St. and live music.

Save Womanby Street! Writing those words brings a tear to my eye, I can’t believe it has come to this, where we have reached the stage where something has to be done to save the most important musical street in Wales.

That is not an exaggeration, Womanby Street in Cardiff holds huge cultural worth, it has inspired and influenced so many of us, and is a street we need to protect not only for ourselves but for future generations.



Introducing | The Shipbuilders

it comes with great pleasure to turn our attentions to the North West and introduce to you Matty Loughlin, Danny Lee, Nicky McGrane and Graeme Sully who collectively go by the name The Shipbuilders who, from the moment you see and listen to, you simply know belong to Liverpool.

The band released their debut EP of thee songs at the end of last year and it is one which will undoubtedly make people stop and take notice, and if it doesn’t then the world is even more screwed up than we thought. ‘Feeling In My Pocket’ is a summery, dreamy song that will see you putting an arm around your loved ones, swaying from side to side, singing without a care in the world and just enjoying the moment.

After reading this, which hopefully thousands of you have, please do the right thing - go and listen to The Shipbuilders, check out their upcoming gigs and go and see them live.



The Flaming Lips | How??
The AMP Stereo
"wonderful, observational and quirky tales about everyday life"
Boy Azooga

"wonderfully-crafted pop songs"
Enderby's Room

"uplifting, positive and exactly what the world needs right now"

The Lucid Dream

The Moon Club, Cardiff
30th September 2016

Noel Gallagher

Singleton Park, Swansea
2nd September 2016

Bill Ryder-Jones

Moon Club, Cardiff
11th March 2015

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