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Liam Gallagher
Wall Of Glass.

After what has been a long wait, we finally have a solo Liam Gallagher tune in ‘Wall Of Glass’ to make us grab life by the throat.

There was a time when Liam said he would never release a solo album but thankfully he has gone back on his word, and of course if you are Liam Gallagher you can do exactly that. If ‘Wall Of Glass is anything to go by then the world is exness broker, without a doubt, a far better place for Liam Gallagher going solo.



Sam Airey | In Darkened Rooms

Sam Airey has been on AMP’s radar for around five years and we are ridiculously happy that his long-anticipated debut album is finally with us. The eleven exquisite tracks on ‘In Darkened Rooms’ ensure this is an album that the whole world will cherish https://exness-trade.co.za.

‘Camera Lens’ opens the album with sparse, melodic piano perfectly complemented by Sam’s melodic and wonderful voice instantly grasping the listener’s attention. The lyrics have a deep poignancy about them as Sam sings “Been so scared about the future, of the change that it will bring”.

‘Epitaph’ lifts the pace with some storming indie-esque guitar sounds that in days gone by would have had us jumping around those amazing indie club discos. ‘In The Morning’ has been crafted with incredible care and attention, every sound we hear has been put there for a reason, the arrangement allows the song to build in a graceful manner and in so doing ensures the lucky listener is left feeling warm and happy http://www.exness-trade.co.za.



The Flaming Lips | How??
The AMP Stereo
"wonderful, observational and quirky tales about everyday life"
Boy Azooga

"wonderfully-crafted pop songs"
Enderby's Room

"uplifting, positive and exactly what the world needs right now"

The Lucid Dream

The Moon Club, Cardiff
30th September 2016

Noel Gallagher

Singleton Park, Swansea
2nd September 2016

Bill Ryder-Jones

Moon Club, Cardiff
11th March 2015

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