Elephant and Soldier

A collection of musicians and friends that create beautiful timeless music.
Ellie Makes Music

Gorgeous acoustic based songs that sound peaceful and timeless.

An electro/indie outfit that it's dificult not to get excited about.
Flamingo Drive

Creating pop songs to cheer up the world of music.
Flight Brigade

Beautiful music that needs to be heard by as many people as possible.
Flying Car Company

There are certainly elements of Blur and Supergrass here.

A songwriter who puts thought and emotion into his writing.
Greta Isaac

Just waiting for her chance to cause the entire nation to be lost for words.
Go Fiasco

A band with justified confidence in their songwriting abilities.

Funk, Soul, Ska, Indie and Pop. Music that's impossible not to like.
Holy Esque

Handpicked by Raveonettes as support on their European tour.
Jo Lewis

His EP made us feel slightly guilty for getting it for free.
Joanna Gruesome

Already carving out quite a reputation on their local scene.
John Wean

Four lads who love writing music, their time is just around the corner.
Leo and the Lion

Influenced by Iron and Wine, Tom Waits and Bob Dylan.
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