Boy Azooga

Based: Cardiff
Genre: Alt/Indie
Website: Facebook

Boy Azooga are a four-piece from Cardiff who we all need to get incredibly excited about. Having played their first gig in Clwb Ifor Bach in December 2016 alongside We’re No Heroes and Tibet, it would be fair to say this is a band in their infancy. However, the three tracks available on their SoundCloud page do not sound like a band recently born, the wonderfully-crafted pop songs, part woozy-psychedelic part beautifully-melodic pop, will be sure to see many wanting to hear more from Boy Azooga.

‘Breakfast Epiphany’ played by Georgia Ruth on BBC Radio Wales sounds like a lost gem discovered for the first time, and brought a smile to the lives of everyone within earshot. The vocals and melodies are layered perfectly ensuring that us lucky people are able to appreciate every sound we hear.

If for some reason you are still not convinced, the band’s most recent track ‘Jerry’ will be sure to win your hearts, minds and souls. The melodies are ridiculously cheerful and have the sound of endless, carefree summer days stamped all over them. The verse-chorus structure demonstrates that pop music certainly is still alive and continues to thrive in those that are capable.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please share, share, share and introduce friends, family, strangers, pets, aliens and the entire world to this wonderful new band called Boy Azooga.

Steve Tay

Enderby's Room

"exactly what the world needs right now"
Luna Tides

"you will fall head over heels in love"
Sally Robin

"will stun you into complete and utter silence"
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