Based: Abergele
Genre: Alt Country/Pop
Website: Facebook

Gintis are a five-piece who formed in Abergele, North Wales, when schoolmates Carl and Dave saw the video for Grandaddy’s “The Crystal Lake”. The band released their debut album back in 2011 and, at this point, I feel the need to offer an apology for the fact that this band has been unknown to AMP for so long, how did we not get to hear of this at the time of its release?

I am certainly doing all that I can to make up for lost time as I listen to the album ‘Idiots, Guides and Plans’ which contains ten adorable songs that will make you smile and cry at their wonderful, observational and quirky tales about everyday life. Have a listen to ‘The Overdraft Song’, ‘The Bakery Song’ and ‘Do You Ever Stop To Think You’re Dying’ and I am sure you will agree and fall in love with the quirkiness of Gintis.

I want to give special mention to ‘Old Cowboy Song’ which is beautifully nostalgic, inspiring you to think about days gone by and what happened to the people we all once new “Do you remember that old cowboy song, you heard when you were young, don’t it make you want to be someone, don’t it make you want to have some fun, playing out with your friends again, staying out till quarter to ten, you knew you’d never be on time, but you know that your folks don’t mind”

Reading up on the band they appear to have taken some periods of hiatus over the last six years appearing only for a scattering of gigs. However it looks like they are making a permanent return with gigs booked, festival appearances at Focus Wales and Green Man and a new double A-side 7” through Popty-Ping records recorded at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool and produced by the legend that is Bill Ryder-Jones.

Steve Tay

Write In

Released: 14th Apr 2017

Real Estate
In Mind

Released: 17th Mar 2017

Bill Botting and the...
Better Friends

Released: 10th Mar 2017

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