Based: Natural Bridge
Genre: Folk
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Laneway are Louise O’Reilly and Paul Hannan, an Australian duo who have been together since 2007. They are originally from Melbourne and have since given up the city life for forest life in Natural Bridge where they run their own record label Crawler Records.

Laneway have self-released two albums, ‘If You Don’t Need It Let It Go’ in 2009 and ‘Turn Your Love Up’ in 2012. Both these album showcase these musicians as being song writers of great depth, warmth and passion about the music they create. If you love country music, folk music, blues music or quite simply have a love for music in general then Laneway are a band that you need to discover.

Opening song ‘Love Is A Devil’ on ‘If You Don’t Need It Let Go’ in particular showcases the great songwriting ability of Louise and Paul, this is a song full of heartache. Now please don’t let that put you off, some of the greatest songs have been inspired by a broken heart. You can hear Louise’s pain as she sings “Getting to know you was quite a battle, trying to lose you is another matter”. The guitar melody throughout this song is incredibly hypnotic, ensuring your attention is held very firmly indeed.

If you need any further proof of the talent of this band have a listen to ‘Waiting For An Avalanche’ which sees Louise and Paul sharing vocals over a dreamy melody that will make you go all weak at the knees. ‘Mine Eye’ sees Louise at a crossroads in life as she sings “Mine is a heart longs to stray, mine are the feet always stay”. ‘I Saw’ is a song that I will never tire of, this is one of those songs you can listen to and peacefully watch the world drift by.

Two albums into their carer I really think it is time that Laneway start getting the attention that their music deserves. With a UK and European tour booked throughout July and August 2013 I am sure that anyone who attends their gigs will be forever listening to Laneway and telling everyone they meet that they need to do the same.

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