Low Winter Sun

Based: Wirral
Genre: Alt/Indie
Website: Facebook

Low Winter Sun are a four piece from the Wirral who create enthralling, hypnotic music that instantly gravitates towards you from the moment you hit play. Greg, Jonathan, Craig and Sonja clearly have a love for all things Joy Division, early Verve, Interpol and The National as their music could easily be mentioned in the same breath as any of those bands.

Listening to the music that Low Winter Sun write it quickly becomes apparent that these four musicians are the perfect fit for each other. Low Winter Sun have gone through various line ups before finalising as it stands today, which is certainly one that should ensure people stop and take notice. Their track Streetwise is the perfect example of this as the drums, bass, guitars and vocals all collide with such perfection whilst taking the listener on so many twists and turns.

Those twists and turns are probably the best way to describe Low Winter Sun; when I started listening I had no idea what direction I was going, but I enjoyed the ride so much I had to keep jumping back on.

The band have recorded a session for a Liverpool TV station called Bay TV which is certainly worth you giving up your time for. I guarantee you will become fixated on what you see, and sorry to have to mention Joy Division again as bands like to form their own identity, but the frontman Greg does have a very Ian Curtis aura, which in my eyes is a very high compliment to give.

Low Winter Sun are currently unsigned, although I am sure that will change very soon. This is a band that we will be sure to hear more from in the future.

The band took time out to answer our questions so if you want to find out more, and why wouldn’t you, take time to read the interview.

Steve Tay

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