The Maydays

Based: Wrexham
Genre: Alt/Indie
Website: Facebook

The Maydays are Keeno (vocals), Nick (guitar/vocals), JJ (guitar), Neil (bass) and Knoxy (drums). They are from Wrexham and set to soundtrack your summer with their jingle-jangle indie guitar pop anthems that will make you want to dance around a field without a care in the world.

The band formed in 2007, released their debut EP ‘Before You All Leave’ in 2011 followed by ‘The Real Quiz in 2012’ and now their latest release ‘Susan’ is a three track EP which has the sound of a band ready to explode. There is a confidence running through all three songs that will be sure to make labels sit up and and take notice and probably start fighting amongst each other to get ‘The Maydays’ to sign a deal. Within the first ten seconds of ‘Cabaret’ I guarantee you will be completely hooked on this band, the fast infectious melodies and vocals that are at times reminiscent of Pete Doherty result in a band that you will instantly welcome into your heart. These songs will soon be echoing around arenas.

The band have gained airplay through the likes of Chris Hawkins on BBC 6 Music, which had me jumping around the kitchen whilst I was preparing my breakfast, together with Adam Walton on BBC Wales. By the end of the year I am convinced this band will be playlisted by both national and local radio stations and loved by music fans up and down the land.

Steve Tay

Incredible Magpie Band

"this is a band that will make you feel good to be alive"
Broken Fires

"will soon become a firm favourite amongst you all"
Mat Hunsley

"gets under your skin and inside your body, mind and soul"
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