Based: Chester
Genre: Alt/Indie
Website: Facebook

Peaness are Rach, Balla and Jess from Chester and, to put it simply, they are amazing. Listening to this band I question why I am writing this as an introducing feature and not as an article about a great modern-day pop band who are on Top of the Pops week in week out. I suppose the reason for this is that times have changed, the record industry is not what it once was, and Top of the Pops sadly no longer exists. There was a time when labels would have fought over this band desperate for their signature yet, despite these changes, that does not mean that Peaness will not get the recognition their music deserves.

Any regular listeners to Adam Walton’s inspiring Saturday night show on BBC Radio Wales will have heard him preaching about Peaness for sometime now. The band released their debut EP ‘No Fun’ back in August 2015 and you know that when Adam is getting excited about a band you ignore them at your peril.

The lead track of the EP ‘Summer Song’ is pop music at its very best, dare I even throw out ludicrous comments like song of the century? OK, I know we are still quite early in terms of this century but seriously this is as uplifting and life-affirming as pop music gets. There is absolutely nothing not to love about ‘Summer Song’, watch the video below and I guarantee you will find your body, soul and mind being filled with an incredible warm feeling that you will want to cuddle for a very long time.

The band have recently made available their new single ‘Oh George’ which is a very timely song with lyrics that deal with how goddamn awful, disgusting and inhumane the government that is supposed to be representing this entire country really is, “Oh George you broke my heart, You lie to me and my family, Oh George I should have known, you only think of your own”.

Keep an eye on the band’s social media, they have a number of gigs lined up and if Peaness do not become the soundtrack to your summer and your go-to band whenever you want to lift your mood, then I expect you to respond with your reasons why, to which there surely can be none.

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