Pretty Citizens

Based: Nottingham
Genre: Alt/Indie
Website: Facebook

Pretty Citizens are a four-piece consisting of James Addy (vocals/rhythm guitar), Luke Watson (lead guitar), Joe Walsh (bass) and John Hulse (drums). The band, based in Nottingham and Barnsley, formed in 2011 when James and Luke met at University and the line up as it is today have been together since August 2014.

In December 2014 the band recorded their debut EP ‘Saturday Night (Sunday Morning)' at 2fly Studios in Sheffield.They have established themselves on the live scene throughout Nottingham and Barnsley and now, with any luck, they will start to take their heart-on-the-sleeve, passionate rock n roll up and down the country.

Their latest single ‘Lost Control’ is one that I am sure will make us sit up and take notice, it certainly had that effect on me as I was catching up on music that had been sent AMP’s way. ‘Lost Control’ has the swagger and confidence of a young band who believe in themselves and that the world is theirs for the taking. The song is full of powerful riffs that swirl and capture you like the tornado in The Wizard of Oz; the rhythms give the song a seductive feel that will be sure to leave an impression with vocals that are full of swagger from a lead singer who clearly loves what he does. The lyrics share a kindred spirit with Alex Turner “I saw your face in the ladder of her tights, they’re something beautiful to climb down at night”.

Pretty Citizens will be following the release of this single with the re-release of their debut EP ‘Saturday Night (Sunday Morning)’.

Steve Tay

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"a band who you should already know about"

"this is a band that will make you feel good to be alive"
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"this is a band that will make you feel good to be alive"
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