Sally Robin

Based: Swansea
Genre: Alt/Indie
Website: Facebook

Sally Robin is a singer-songwriter from Swansea who will sweep you off your feet in a sweet, melancholic manner that will leave you wondering why the world has yet to uncover this wonderful gem. There is not a great deal I can tell you about Sally Robin as it seems to be very early days for her, but the main thing to say is that she has just made available a new song ‘The Corner Of The Moon’ which is as wonderful as the title suggests.

Browsing through her Facebook page, Sally already has some support backing her including the fantastic Young Promoters Network, Tom Robinson on 6 Music and Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales, who have already recognised the amazing talent this young singer-songwriter possesses.

If you need further convincing take four minutes out of your busy schedule, press play on ‘The Corner Of The Moon’ and I guarantee the madness of this crazy world will all become a distant memory as you immerse yourself in the magic of this song.

The melodies are simply gorgeous, with tender, fragile vocals that will stun you into complete and utter silence. The lyrics are certainly there for the dreamers amongst us to relate to “Standing in the moonlight, but searching for stars and after all, all you needed was the moon”. I don’t know about you but I am going to stand in the garden at night and listen to ‘The Corner of The Moon’ through my headphones and just gaze into the endless dreams that are out there amongst the stars and the moon.

As we love to say at this time of year Sally Robin is certainly an artist to keep an eye on in 2017, I certainly hope to hear more and catch her live in the not too distant future.

Steve Tay

Little Folk

"A band that you are quite simply going to love"
To Bear Sir

"full of emotion and vocals that are so vulnerable"
Trudy & The Romance

"will instantly become your new favourite band"
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