Based: Cardiff
Genre: Alt/Indie

Shhh...Apes! are a new Cardiff band who you really need to be getting excited about. They are a six piece consisting of Mark Foley, Andrew Plain, Stuart Michael, Jonathon Rees, Lewis Griffiths and Lianne Francis. You may already be familiar with members of Shhh...Apes! through their time spent in a number of well loved bands across the city of Cardiff over the last decade including Strange News From Another Star, Bravecaptain, The Secret Show, Vito and Right Hand Left Hand.

The six musicians came together as Shhh...Apes! at Music Box Studios in Cardiff which is run by Mark himself. They have just released their debut EP ‘The Shape of Apes To Come’ which has been produced by Charlie Francis and is an EP that is sure to blow many people's minds. The EP consists of five songs which have been put together with great precision and care, from the moment you press play on opening track ‘Painkiller’ you will be drawn in by the strong, infectious rhythms and vocal harmonies that are too beautiful for words. ‘I Am Thin’ will send shivers throughout your entire body, the first half of the song is an instrumental that has a very intense cinematic feel to it, the vocals join the song for the second half with each word sung in such an atmospheric manner that will ensure you never want this song to end.

I really do not need to tell you how good the rest of this EP is, Shhh...Apes! are a band that you must let into your life. With an appearance at Sŵn Festival just around the corner, now is the time to wrap your ears around the amazing sound this band create.

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