The Shipbuilders

Based: Liverpool
Genre: Gypsy Scouse Surf
Website: Facebook

I have lost count of the number of times we have referred to the magical sound that could only have emanated from the beautiful and unique city that is Liverpool. Our lives, and the world we live in, have been vastly improved by the bands that have emerged from this city; The Stands, Michael Head, The Real People, The La’s, Cast, Shack, Echo and The Bunnymen, Tramp Attack, Edgar Jones, The Bandits, The Coral and Bill Ryder Jones to name just a few who have had a huge influence on me, and, of course, The Beatles, I almost forgot to mention those wonderful human beings! With all that in mind it comes with great pleasure to turn our attentions to the North West and introduce to you Matty Loughlin, Danny Lee, Nicky McGrane and Graeme Sully who collectively go by the name The Shipbuilders who, from the moment you see and listen to, you simply know belong to Liverpool.

The band released their debut EP of thee songs at the end of last year and it is one which will undoubtedly make people stop and take notice, and if it doesn’t then the world is even more screwed up than we thought. ‘Feeling In My Pocket’ is a summery, dreamy song that will see you putting an arm around your loved ones, swaying from side to side, singing without a care in the world and just enjoying the moment.

‘Darkening Vale’ is an interesting song that has been put together with absolute perfection, the dark moody guitars, fascinating drumming and infectious vocals all collide to ensure this is a song that weaves its way inside your soul. ‘The Moon’ closes the EP and further cements the thought that we really are in the presence of a great group of lads who know how to put a song together; the change in tempo, passionate sounds and show-stopping chorus ensure everyone will take this band seriously.

After reading this, which hopefully thousands of you have, please do the right thing - go and listen to The Shipbuilders, check out their upcoming gigs and go and see them live. If they are not playing near you, pester promoters in your area to give them a gig and make as many people as you can aware of The Shipbuilders.

Steve Tay

Boy Azooga

"wonderfully-crafted pop songs"
Enderby's Room

"exactly what the world needs right now"
Luna Tides

"you will fall head over heels in love"
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