Wide Skies

Based: London
Genre: Alt/Indie
Website: Facebook

Who says a band name is not important? If there is anyone out there thinking about forming a band please put a lot of thought into the name you give yourself, it really does matter. When I saw the name Wide Skies added to the Green Man line up I was instantly drawn to the band and had an overwhelming urge to listen to them; the name conjured beautiful images that piqued my interest.

Following my attraction to the band’s name I had to find out more to share with you. Wide Skies are London-based duo Hannah Caughlin from The Memory Band and Jamie McDonald from South, a band who released two albums, ‘From Here On In’ and ‘With The Tides’, at the turn of the century which I absolutely loved and if you have not heard them I suggest you do.

Wide Skies released their debut single ‘Take Care Of Love’ through Before The Dawn Records. It will take you probably no more than ten seconds to fall in love with the song, well that’s all it took me. The song has an intimacy to it, making you feel that you are alone in the world with this tender, heart-warming song and that nothing else matters. The vocals of Hannah and Jamie perfectly complement each other and the strings and percussion make sure your attention does not drift for one second. The lyrics are straight from the heart “I don’t know how to love you, even though it’s all I want to do, I can’t get my thoughts together, my only thought is to be with you.”

Wide Skies have had support from BBC 6 Music with Lauren Laverne doing all she can to ensure this great song gets heard by the nation, and if reading this write up makes just one of you fall in love with this band then I will be a very happy guy.

The band are recording new music at the moment so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to have more great music to wrap our ears around, and if you are lucky enough to have a ticket to this year’s sold out Green Man festival make sure you watch Wide Skies playing the Walled Garden on Sunday.

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