Albatross Archive

Based: Cardiff
Genre: Alternative
Website: albatrossarchive.com

Albatross Archive are Richard Jackson, Patrick Heery and Ruth Morris. These three talented musicians are based in Cardiff, a city that at present has an abundance of exciting new music. Albatross Archive are a fine example of the diversity and creativity that the Welsh capital has to offer.

Albatross Archive self released an EP ‘Things’ in August 2011,which is available through their Bandcamp page. To try and categorize this band would be an impossible task. This is music that is unique, like discovering a chest of hidden treasure. I can’t recall anything else out there at the moment that sounds like this. The more you listen to these tracks the more you uncover true moments of genius that you just want to share with everyone you meet. The complex arrangements, the saxaphone, the bass sounds, acoustic guitars, the drums, the piano, the emotive vocals all combine to create beautiful music that the world has to hear.

Listening to this EP has certainly enriched my life and left me desperate to hear more from this band. If you take time out to stop and listen to ‘Things’ I guarantee you will not be left disappointed.

Steve Tay

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