Ali Ingle

Based: Liverpool
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Website: Facebook

Ali Ingle is a singer/songwriter from Liverpool who creates music full of thought and feeling, all set to beautiful and timeless melodies. Ali has recently made available a new five track EP, ‘The Man and The Monster’. Each track is perfectly put together, the combination of soothing melodies, soft yet effective percussion ensure these tracks instantly grab a hold of the listener.

Some of the highlights on the EP include opening track ‘Something About Jorj’ which showcases the talent that Ali has in writing thought provoking, reflective lyrcis “I’ve climbed every ladder, still can’t see the sky”. ‘Come To The Morning’ is a beautiful song which features vocals from Kathryn Williams, this is one of those tracks that will stop you dead in your tracks and further highlights Ali’s talent for penning a lyric, “I might not have knowledge but does it get you that far?”.

Ali Ingle reminds me of another Ali that AMP fell in love with many years ago ‘Ali Whitton’, a leeds based singer/songwriter who deserved to sell millions of records. Hopefully Ali Ingle will become known to millions, but even if he doesn't, I get the impression that Ali Ingle will continue to write and record wonderful music.

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