Beijing Bandits

Based: Newport
Genre: Alt/Ska/Rock
Website: Facebook

Beijing Bandits are a five piece band from Newport, who are writing great music that thankfully does not fit neatly into any categories. Their music combines a plethora of sounds including banjo’s, mandolin, sax, accordion, guitars and percussion.

The band formed in October 2011. Since that time they have built up a fanbase through their energetic and memorable live shows.

Listening to the tracks the band have made available on their SoundCloud page you instantly get the feeling of a band who put a lot of time and effort into the songs they write. The tracks have such a compelling and diverse sound that you to totally lose yourself within the music.

A couple of tracks that stood out for me was ‘Beijing Bandits’ which has an early Coral feel to it. The mix of vocals styles is quite mind blowing. ‘Dirty Ape’ begins with a gentle guitar sound, soft hushed vocals, before taking a twist into a sea shanty song that everyone needs to hear.

If you like your music that is full of diversity does not fit neatly into boxes then Beijing Bandits are the band for you.

Steve Tay

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