Bright Light Syndrome

Based: Leeds
Genre: Alternative/Indie
Website: brightlightsyndrome.com

Bright Light Syndrome are an unsigned four piece band from Leeds. They create polished indie anthems like they are going out of fashion. Their new EP ‘Innocence Is Bliss’ is due for release in April and is overflowing with songs full of soaring guitars, powerful vocals and pop melodies.

‘Kiss It Better’ opens the EP with an emotional vocal delivery that is full of purpose and intent. The melody swirls along in a calming manner, waiting patiently for the song to explode into a crescendo of noise around the one minute mark. ‘Hold Your Hand’ is a truly beautiful song with honest and thoughtful lyrics highlighting the talent this band have in putting together a song. This is a song that makes you stop and listen to every word that is being sung and is something that many will be able to relate to, as George sings “It was a special place, comfort your heart with the better time”. ‘Nowhere’ gives the EP a real moment of pop genius with a tune that is made for day time radio. The song builds in such a perfect way. ‘Key To Me’ brings the EP to an end with a very cheerful and positive way.

Bright Light Syndrome are a band who are without a doubt going to bring a lot of happiness to many peoples lives, just be sure you are one of them.

Steve Tay


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