The Carpels

Based: Birmingham
Genre: New Wave/Indie
Website: thecarpels.co.uk

The Carpels are a revelation in the East London-styled new-wave scene - for starters because they're not from London, instead hailing from Birmingham.

Currently the Birmingham music scene is breeding some sensational new bands, such as Swim Deep, Troumaca and Peace, all of which are part of a melting pot of new-wave industrial music.

At its core, the music is indie, but draws strong influence from an array of genres - punk, dubstep, electronica - to name just a few.

Signed to One Beat Records in their home-town, the band put out several releases over the past twelve months, gaining airplay on Radio 1 and kind words from the likes of NME magazine.

Having just found a new bassist (the previous one headed off to university after Christmas), the five-piece have been recording some exciting new material.

A new video from a live recording session at Neon Studios has been released featuring three of the new tracks, which take the band in a slightly different artistic direction.

The riotous nature of their new music has been slimmed down somewhat with the new material, which draws the band more towards the Maccabees with less dubstep and dance interludes.

That's not to say that it lacks energy by any stretch of the imagination though.

The whole set is pulled together by furious drumming and a range of different instrumentations and genres, even venturing slightly cautiously into opera at points.

It's the ambient parts of the set that build up to huge guitar thrashing moments that leaves the listener on the edge of their seats. And with the entire band all under the age of 19, it's a sound that is becoming more refined and more respected by the day.

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