Charlie Lankester

Based: Bedford
Genre: Blues/Rock 'n' Roll
Website: charlielankester.co.uk


It’s not overstatement to say there’s an emotional quality that goes far beyond the average artist inherent in Charlie Lankester’s music. And that’s not just because of the rootsy ethic supporting his arrangements.

Nor is it because he has experience touring with some truly talented acts, over a 20-year-career. Although time spent amongst faces including Linda Gail Lewis, Osibisa, Otis Grand, The Boogie Band, AC/DC, BB King, Fats Domino, Billy Joel, and the John Warwick All Stars won’t have done his solo work any harm.

In fact, Lankester’s stints working alongside such luminaries no doubt came as a result of the truly captivating and powerful sounds he can create. As you’d imagine then, he’s quite the aficionado, and after playing successive successful dates across the UK independently for some time has proved himself a worthy showman and performer too.

This heartfelt, raw and wholly original meld of journeyman rock, country, and, of course, sprawling blues can be heard on his album, Minor Key, which arrives on September 3rd. An impressive collection of songs, that it’s arrival comes despite Lankester being diagnosed with a terminal illness during the later stages of production only adds to the reasons why it’s such a remarkable release, with the fact his health is now stable hopefully promising much for the future. Grab a free download below and have a listen for yourself.

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