Chaz Thorogood

Based: Devon
Genre: Alternative
Website: Facebook

Chaz Thorogood is an unsigned singer songwriter currently based in Devon.

On many occasions you hear the words ‘the next big thing’ and ‘one to watch out for’ and listening to Chaz’s songs there can be no doubt that those are words that you can attach to this artist. He has a mesmerising voice which instantly grabs hold of you, his guitar playing sounds as though it is the most natural thing in the world to him. This is an artist whose purpose in life was to create beautiful songs.

Chaz has recently released a four track EP entitled ‘These Words’, which is available as a free download. ‘These Words’ will instantly appeal to fans of Ryan Adams, Bon Iver, Elliott Smith and Nick Drake. Throughout these songs Chaz comes across as a singer songwriter full of emotion and honesty and not afraid to pour his heart out into a song.

To pick a standout track from the EP, I am drawn towards ‘Warm At Night’. The vocal throughout the song will make you instantly fall in love with this track. The way the vocal floats perfectly above the gentle and thoughtful guitar playing is perfect and the lyrics are quite simply beautiful “As long as there’s a smile on your face, and you’ve got someone to embrace, keep you warm at night”.

As we enter the time of year when music fans start compiling their lists of artists to watch out for over the next twelve months, Chaz Thorogood is a name that I am sure will appear on many.

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