Claire Cameron Band

Based: Leeds
Genre: Alt/Acoustic/Rock
Website: ReverbNation

Claire Cameron Band are a foursome hailing from Leeds who AMP Magazine have been watching ardently for the last few months or so. Pete Nash guitar, Mike James bass, Jim Gaylard drums and Claire Cameron providing Lead Vocals and keyboard make up the band.

Listening to the band it is obvious that they are incredibly snug musically and watching them live they do indeed ooze professionalism and experience. They mix light and shade with great effect and with a certain class also. Describing their music isn't altogether simple, as yes, rock and pop do figure although they also merge acoustic moments with metal moments with real aplomb. Cameron's beautiful, haunting, candid vocals that travel on dreamlike keyboard parts simply demand to be heard.

Songs such as 'No Illusions', 'Enliven', 'Amethyst', 'Question Every Day' and the live show opener 'Time I Start' move along with confidence and gusto leaving the listener just wanting more. A hectic 2011 saw The Claire Cameron Band in heavy demand as a live act and more recently they have been making waves in London with performances at The Bowery and PUNK in Soho. It was the two headline shows at The 100 Club in Central London that AMP Magazine were privy enough to see. Both sterling performances.

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