Ellie Makes Music

Based: Cardiff
Genre: Alt/Folk
Website: elliemakesmusic.com

Ellie Makes Music is an 18 year old singer/songwriter from Cardiff who writes gorgeous acoustic based songs that sound peaceful and timeless. Her voice is fragile, innocent and sweet and you can’t help but hang on her every word.

Of the tracks available on her SoundCloud page two really stood out to me. Firstly, ‘Airborne’ with it’s soft acoustic melody providing the perfect background for Ellie’s beautiful voice. The lyrics in the song showcase the talent Ellie has for writing “I can see you in the night, in the shadows of my mind” to quote one of many highlights.

Then there’s ‘Mockingbird’ which has a darker feel to the other songs available. The guitar is stripped back and low in the mix, as Ellie’s voice takes on more of a haunting sound.

Ellie Makes Music is an incredibly talented artist who clearly has a natural ability for songwriting.

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