Flamingo Drive

Based: London
Genre: Prog/Pop
Website: flamingodrive.co.uk

Flamingo Drive are a five piece from London, who have recorded a number of timeless pop songs that will cheer up the world of music. This is a band that will put a big smile on your face and remind you that music can be good and fun at the same time. To look at Flamingo Drive they clearly come across as a band who put a lot of thought and effort into the way they look. You would be forgiving for thinking you have jumped into a time machine and been transported back to the golden era of the 1960’s.

In their music Flamingo Drive have taken that classic indie pop song sound, which is a real pleasure to listen to and is a sound that I will never tire of. All three songs are full of chiming guitars, songs that will make you want to dance all night at your local indie disco. The vocal style sits somewhere between Jarvis Cocker and Neil Hannon. All three songs on this demo are very strong, and show this band has great potential. ‘The Chimney Song’ has a smiths-esque feel to it. ‘Cryptograms’ is the one that will make you want to dance the most and is evidence that this band are able to write the classic verse, chorus, pop song. The strongest song on the demo is ‘I saw the Bishop’ which is a very catchy indie pop song with an infectious chorus that will become embedded deep into your soul.

Listening to this demo it is clear that Flamingo Drive are the type of band that I will instantly fall in love with. That may be due to my own personal bias and continuous desire for indie-pop music. However my own personal bias aside, I strongly urge you to let Flamingo Drive into your lives, trust me it will be a very enjoyable listening experience.

Steve Tay

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