Based: London
Genre: Indie/Shoe-Gaze
Website: Facebook

Fountains are an unsigned five piece from London who have recently released their EP ‘No Sleep’.

The EP opens with ‘No Sleep’, with it’s captivating vocals and lyrics that reveal a songwriter who puts thought and emotion into his writing and leaves the listener in a very reflective mood “I can’t sleep and I can’t dream, with whats inside of me”. Track two ‘Insecure’ will completely absorb the listener with the dark and moody bass, drums and guitar lines all bouncing off each other to create such a wonderful noise. The vocals deliver every word with power and meaning from start to finish allowing the listener to believe every word that is being sung. Throughout the EP it is hard to ignore the comparisons of bands such as Joy Division and that is nowhere more apparent than in closing track ‘You’re Not Welcome’, which provides the EP with an ending it deserves. This is a track full of emotion played out to a tune that intertwines from dark to joyful.

If you only do one thing today, download the EP for free below or if you’d prefer something physical then you can purchase the EP as a limited edition blue cassette here.

Steve Tay


Deserve a record deal and I am sure that will happen sooner rather than later.

An electro/indie outfit that it's dificult not to get excited about.
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