Go Fiasco

Based: Liverpool
Genre: Alt/Indie
Website: Facebook

Go Fiasco are a four piece band from Liverpool. Listening to the recordings available it really does leave me baffled as to why this band are unsigned.

Listening to the tracks available on their SoundCloud page you hear a band with 110% confidence in their songwriting ability. Each song is perfectly crafted and sounds as though creating music is the most natural thing in the world.

Two particular highlights are ‘Just Like A Ghost’, which as soon as you hear the opening note you find yourself becoming completely overcome. The song builds perfectly into a chorus that will have you chanting along way before the end of the first listen. ‘Adore The Cure’ is the other, with its infectious melody and sublime vocal delivery.

Go Fiasco are a band that can not remain unsigned for much longer.

Steve Tay

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