Holy Esque

Based: Glasgow
Genre: Indie/Rock
Website: Facebook

Holy Esque are an unsigned band from Glasgow who the entire world needs to listen to. Being very much of the DIY ethic and have gained a large following mainly through word of mouth but also through some prestigious support slots with the likes of Wu Lyf and Big Deal.

The band self released a four track debut EP in April and the first thing that grabs you about it is the unique and unmistakable vocals of frontman Pat Hynes. I can’t recall anyone else out their at present with this style of quivering, passionate and bold vocal delivery. The music throughout the EP provides its perfect companion.

The EP is full of highlights but the one that sent shivers throughout my entire body was ‘Loneliest Loneliness’ a beautiful, soaring anthemic track that has a very early Glasvegas feel to it.

The future for Holy Esque is clearly going to be a very exciting one. For starters they have been handpicked by Raveonettes to support them on their European tour this coming winter and are busy in the studio recording a follow up EP.

This is a band that you seriously need to be following right now, so when the day arrives that they are selling out arenas you can honestly say you were with them at the start.

Steve Tay

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