Based: Cardiff
Genre: Indie/Soul/Pop
Website: Facebook

Hullabaloo are a seven piece band based in Cardiff and formed in November 2010. Since forming Hullabaloo have gigged relentlessly around the local Cardiff circuit, building up a fanbase along the way due to their exciting and energetic performances.

After listening to their demo ‘Landslide’ I have heard more than enough to know this is a band to get excited about. They combine Funk, Soul, Ska, Indie and Pop. It’s music that it is impossible not to like. ‘Landslide’ is full of hooks, violin melodies, saxophone riffs, powerful vocals and a chorus that will get in your head and never leave. Hullabaloo are a band that will make you smile and make you enjoy going to gigs.

If ‘Landslide’ is anything to go by there is a great deal of potential for Hullabaloo in the music industry. I for one can not wait to hear more from this band.

Steve Tay

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