John Wean

Based: Glasgow
Genre: Alt/Indie
Website: wearejohnwean.com

John Wean are Conor Cartwright (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar), Jude Smith (Vocals, Bass and Piano), Stuart Anderson (Lead Guitar) and Simon Coakley (Drums).

The band formed in Uddingston in 2009 and write songs about love, life and girls. The last three years has seen the band gain support slots with Tom Hingley and Young Rebel Set. They released their debut single ‘New York Doesn’t Love You’ which led to the band gaining support from BBC Radio One through Huw Stephens, Fearne Cotton and Greg James.

With a new single M.A.P. due for release at the end of October this is a band who are sure to gain a great deal of support through the media and music fans across the country. M.A.P is an uplifting guitar song overflowing with hooks and melodies that ensure this is a song that is a hit in the waiting.

Listening to John Wean, you hear four lads who love writing and playing music and want to get their message across to as many people as possible. I am sure their time is just around the corner, make sure you jump on board now and stay with them throughout.

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