The Knox

Based: Cardiff
Genre: Alt/Indie
Website: Facebook

The Knox are a three piece Cardiff based band who have so much potential that if there is any justice in this world will go on to have a great deal of success in the music industry.

This is a band who have clearly listened to music from the ‘60s and the guitar bands of the ‘90s and thought to themselves ‘I want a piece of that’. The Knox combine melodies, harmonies and jingle jangle guitars to create music that will never sound dated.

‘Road Run (you do you do you don’t you don’t) sounds like a lost great track from the Britpop era. How anyone could not like this track is a mystery to me. ‘Next Time Round’ will instantly jump inside your head and is one of those tracks that makes you feel great about life. ‘Hey There’ contains harmonies that will transport you back to the 60’s and has a very Beatles-esque feel to it. Comparisons can also be made to ‘The Stands’ a band who in another world would be known to millions. ‘She‘ and ‘Every Single Day’ are further examples of how to create a timeless pop song.

The Knox are a band to get very excited about. Songwriting seems to come so natural to this band, if they continue to deliver songs of this quality then it can only be a matter of time before the record labels start fighting for their signatures.

Steve Tay

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